Missy Bk is a certified Business coach and a member of International Coaching federation specialized in Career consultancy .

When Missy is'nt out there in the corporate world helping citizens and company leaders with career and business related problems and solutions, She turns to her first love  " Music".

Having made a name in the Afro- pop industry as a Cameroonian Canadian Acoustic and Afro soul singer , shes won  multiple awards from  USA to UK, Canada and was even Nominated Best  Female artist in Central Africa   for Afrima Awards which was hosted in Nigeria. Missy Bk is credited among the Best female Afro pop voices from Cameroon .

 She is one of the few  female artist from Cameroon to have signed the Golden book of Montreal, Canada in 2017/2018 And her humanitarian and artistic work was also publishing in the house of Honor in Montreal back in 2017

She also made the list of top 100 black women to watch in Canada in 2017/2018  and shes also known for her humanitarian work in and out of Africa helping girls and women to become the best version of themselves.

She  released her first solo Album  in 2016 titled Confessions . She also received a certificate of recognition from the US house of representatives in New jersey in 2017  in recognition for the positive  change and impact she is creating in her community.




the missy bk foundation

Her Non profit Organisation The  Missy Bk foundation which which has helped over 600 women,children and orphans in Cameroon did help shaped her vision into finding ways that she can improve the lives of women and youths  in Cameroon.  For the past years she help over 500 kids with yearly   educational support ,  merit-based scholarships, tuition fees, food and learning materials and social activities. and her team members celebrated each xmas with kids who dont have parents in Cameroon with a mix of activities and gifts sharing . 

Her latest project was Women empowerment where she Partnered with Dream Reformation to train women on how to becoming self made entrepreneurs by teaching them on how to make home made detergent and sell in the market . This project which was attended by 10 women was a success because with a small loan this women are already running their small businesses using the funds to provide food for their families and money to pay school tuition for their children. 

She plans to embark more on this entrepreneurship project to give a second chance to youths on the streets especially women by helping them to embrace the entrepreneurship skills in them , helping them to identify problems while finding solutions that could help enhance the lives of people in their community.